09 Jul 2015 MORAVIA OPEN 2015
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Moravia Open is one of my favorite competitions in the year. So I was really looking forward competing there. But it didn’t started really well for me. On Wednesday I got sick and it got even worse on Thursday. So I equipped myself with all kinds of medications just to get throw the weekend.

Photo by: Teja Miserit

On Friday I felt better and I manage to run both agility runs. Veni was a good girl, clean run and 7. place. AC decided that a tunnel is such a better option than doing a cik, so unfortunately disqualification. On Friday night she started to act a little strange. But she sometimes acts like that so I though that it will pass until the morning. On Saturday morning she didn’t want to go out for a walk so I thought something is wrong but couldn’t find out what it was. So we went to the competition, where we I did the course-walk for both girls. When I came to pick AC up for our run, she didn’t step on her back leg. I checked it but I couldn’t find anything. I suspected that it was nothing too serious, since she really is sensitive and shows pain and discomfort fast. And I knew she would run if I brought her to the start. But I decided (of course) not to run with her until I found out what’s wrong. So I only ran with Veni. We started with jumping. A really nice run but one knocked bar (I think she knocked it with her tail – she is an expert in doing that). In the next agility we got clean and were qualified to the Finals. I love to run in Finals but I was a little afraid that Veni couldn’t to it. She is not he youngest anymore and she had a really long day. I took her for a walk when we were waiting for the Finals and she looked at me out of the crate with the expression: »What? Again? I want to rest!«.  Also she has the beginning od grey cataract and can have some problems with darker light. I came to pick her up for the run and she came out of the crate with her tail wagging and ready for action. Also the fear of her having problems with light was unnecessary. We had a nice run, unfortunately 5 penalties (I guess the dog-walk contact – for which I’m sure she did it).

In the evening I checked AC’s leg and found out that her pad is a little painful. But I couldn’t find the reason, so I took her to Helena Potfajová to check her out. She also said that it looks like a pad problem and found a small swelling on the pad. I guess something was stucked in her pad and it caused festering. And that was easy to treat. So a happy news for me (she was feeling better after a few hours). I ran two runs with Veni. One clean and one with some stupid mistakes. I decided not to run the last run (7 runs in one weekend are more the enough for her) and we went home.

Photo by: Teja Miserit

So Moravia Open finished a little better than it started (I’m almost healthy, AC’s also OK, Veni was in the Finals). Looking forward to the next year (let’s just hope that it will not be as hot as this year).