Name: Spiridom High Voltage

Breed: border collie

Gender: female

Date of Birth: 9.3.2010

Colour: black&white

Eye colour: dark brown

Height: 51

Weight: 16

Mother: Spiridom Criss Cross

Father: Freestyler Red Sensation von Sumelocenna

Breeder: Katja Šuster, Spiridom


Fast, smart, loud, tireless,… Few words that describe little AC. She does not have the words like “slow” or “sleep” in her vocabulary. Everything has to be done as quickly as possible without thinking of the consequence. Her main moto is: “Sleeping is for wusses.”. So during the day she needs to be really tired to sleep. I think that she is afraid that she will miss something important. And so she spends her whole day playing with me, Veni or (in rare cases) herself. And when she is playing with herself, she tries to destroy as many toys as quickly as possible. She is obsessed with water. If she has an opportunity to swim, she will take it (no matter how cold it is).


She loves to work. It doesn’t matter what, she puts 110% in her into everything we do.  Another thing she loves are people. But she hates to be interupt by other dogs when working or eating  (but she is OK to other dogs on walks).


Because she is stuck with me, she has to learn tricks to. And she is a fast learner. We also try to go to herding as often as possible. And I think she is really good at it.


So what else can I say about AC. She grew up into a dog that I have wanted – fast,  smart, tireless and always ready for action – true border collie.