Name: Veni Vidi Vici Seta del Oro

Breed: border collie

Gender: female

Date of Birth:19.10.2005


Eye colour: dark brown

Height: 50 cm

Weight: 17 kg

Mother: Kolibri at Mel’N'Roses

Father: Tonkory Valley of The Storm

Breeder: Barbka Novak, Seta del Oro

BEST RESULTS (agility):

- member of Slovenian national team 2008 and 2009, 2011

- national champion of 2008

- cup champion of 2009 and 2012

- 3. place in jumping on AWC 2008

- 5. place on European Open 2011

- 5. place on Border Collie Classics 2012

- 2. place in teams on Border Collie Classics 2015

I chose Veni from a litter at the age of six weeks. But if I’m honest, it was a love at first site and I was happy that she has developed the way that I wanted. And I can say that Veni was made for me.

She loves everything I love. Our biggest passion is agility. You can see her eyes glow when she is on agility field. She is also obsessed with snow. She would stay out on snow catching snow balls all day long if somebody would throw them to her. She loves playing with frisbees. A walk without a frisbee is not a walk for her. :D

She is a really smart girl. She learns new things really fast, so we know tones of tricks.  And she is a true child at the age of four. She loves to play with me and other dogs and she always makes me smile while playing. Everyday she justifies her name and she is a true winner in everything she does.