I  bought Veni a cloth frisbee when she was only five months old, and soon it became her favorite toy. But unfortunately cloth frisbees did not last very long. So along with some others interested in the sport we decided to purchase some specially designed canine frisbees from abroad, and that’s when it started up more seriously. To begin with I tried to learn different kinds of throws from the internet, and a little later I borrowed a DVD. In September 2007 we participated in a seminar led by Jean McCollister, and at the minidistance competition there we were third. In April 2008 we helped organize and took part in a two-day seminar led by Jakub Stybr from the Czech Republic.

owner of the picture: Andraž Cerar


Minidistance: 4. place in 1. st national dogfrisbee competition with international participation, Maribor 2009

Time Trial: 17,39s (4fun, Hrušica)

Although we enjoy frisbee very much, we don’t go to regular competition. Our first love is agility. But frisbee is an integral part of our daily walks, since we both enjoy it.